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Isaac (Ike) Crawford is an indie comic book creator hailing from Springfield, Missouri. He is cofounder and co-manager of  Clever Kaiju​, an artist community, studio, and comic book publisher. He is also a practicing therapist, where he helps people find meaning and connection. His background is varied and includes being an electrician, guitarist, sound designer, and high school counselor. He grew up in a big family, the son of a pastor, and spent a lot of time focused on drawing, music, and creating. He earned a B.S. in Electronic Arts from MSU in 2009 and a M.S. in School Counseling from Evangel University in 2011. When he isn't creating comics, connecting with creators and readers, or doing therapy, he is probably hanging out with his wife, kids, family, and friends.

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I will periodically announce that I'm taking commissions to my email subscribers, first and foremost, but feel free to reach out at anytime if you want to inquire about a commission. If I'm available, I can honor these rates:

Inked character, black-and-white or with 1-2 colors: 9x12-$90, 11x14-$120 (add $25 per additional character)

Inked character in a scene/background, black-and-white or with 1-2 colors; 9X12- $120, 11x14- $150 (add $25 per additional character)

For professional work inquiries, email me at

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Ike held onto every original page of comic art he has made since 2015. If you would like to buy an original page, just reach out with a picture or screenshot of the page you have in mind to see if it is still available. Email

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Clever Kaiju is a creator-led movement to integrate education, mentorship, self-publishing, and freelancing into one super organism. Our purpose is to enable artists to do their best work and help audiences connect with artists in more fulfilling ways. They host The Pen Clique live art show, workshops, events, and a discord community to help artists collaborate and grow. The founders are artists Ike Crawford (Ike Comics), Nate Howard (Mammoth Press), Gary Bedell (Graveyard Slaughter), and James Rutherford (veteran animator).


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First Son and Sword. Ongoing series. Nov 2022.

We are Inside a Worm. One-shot. Aug 2022.

Link Invalid. One-shot. April 2022.

The Musical Mishaps of Cat and Fiddle: Fairy Folk Revival. Part 1. Dec 2020.

The Musical Mishaps of Cat and Fiddle: The King of Instruments.  Oct 2018 - Oct. 2019

A Passage in Black horror anthology, Piasa Dreams. Script by JimmyZ Johnston. Lettering by Micah Myers. Story by Cullen Bunn. July 2019.

Seven Dwarfs and Some Odd Tales vol. 1. Aug. 2018.

The Culling of Tin Woodsman; Hey Diddle, Diddle; Fig Mother; The Call of the Bunyip mini comics. Feb 2017-Dec 2017.

The Boy and the Dragon. One-shot. June 2016.

The Gray Judge. Five issue mini-series. Aug 2015 - Dec 2016.

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