Ike Comics is the self-publishing imprint of comic book creator Isaac “Ike” Crawford. Ike Comics is on YouTube where he shares his process, art practice, and behind-the-scenes development of his latest books and art. Ike has been creating and self-publishing comic books since 2015. With over six different titles containing over 500 pages of sequential art, you can check out all of his original work right now as webcomics. Ike is a co-founder of Clever Kaiju and frequents their YouTube channel. Clever Kaiju is an art studio focusing on inspiring, encouraging, and supporting visual artists through a YouTube channel, Discord community, and online and in-person events.

Ike's original titles

First Son and Sword

Ongoing web comic and new series, a sword and sorcery delight.

First Son is an 11 year-old boy who might be a descendant of the mythical First Peoples, and legend has it he will save humanity from their lizard-man overlords and the monstrosities that plague the three lands. Of course, the Lizard King will be scouring the cities and countryside for him and for the mercenary who has taken him in, the famed and deadly Sword, a devout practitioner of his most deadly art. With the help of his apprentice, Farah, First Son and Sword must search the three lands and beyond for a way to defeat the Lizard King and save humanity. Updates every Sunday.

Read the webcomic here and  watch Ike's process making the comic on YouTube

The Musical Mishaps of Cat and Fiddle

Fantasy Adventure set in Victorian times involving folk-creatures and magical music. Six-issue miniseries and part one of the second arc are out now.


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We are Inside A Worm

One-shot Sci-fi comic about love, the end of the world, and modern times.


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Seven Dwarfs and Some Odd Tales

Folktales, fantasy, and macabre fun. 

Webcomic (now with bonus stories)

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The Gray Judge

Psychological thriller, graphic novel, and Ike's first book he ever made.

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Link Invalid

One-shot Sci-fi comic about death, technology, and the property within our minds.


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The Boy and the Dragon

A bedtime story One-shot comic about the hopes we have for our children.


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Original Art

I held onto every orginal page of art I've made for all of my comics until now, 2023. They are now all available for $100 each ($150 for cover pages). You can read the comics as webcomics at the links above to find a page you'd want, and then check at the link below to see if it is still available. 


Commissions aren't open all the time but are announced periodically via my Newsletter, first, and then via social media. Prices are as follows:

Inked Black-and-white character or with one to two colors (markers/colored pencils): 9x12-$100, 11x14-$140  (add $30 per additional character)

Inked cover-quality 11x17 commission (for personal or commercial use): $250 black-and-white, $350 black-and-white traditional art with digital colors


Visioncon: Oct 13-15, 2023. Springfield, MO

Tremendicon: Clever Kaiju booth. July 7-9, 2023. Springfield, MOMissouri Comic Con: Clever Kaiju booth. Feb 11-12, 2023. Springfield, MOGeekmas 2022: Clever Kaiju booth. Dec 2-4, 2022. Springfield, MO
Route 66 Comic and Toy Convention: Clever Kaiju booth. November 5, 2022. Lebanon, MO
Memphis Comic Expo: Sept 24-25, 2022. Memphis, TN
Tremendicon: Clever Kaiju booth. June 17-19, 2022. Springfield, MO
Visioncon: Clever Kaiju booth. April 29-May 1, 2022. Springfield, MO
Air Capitol Comic Con: With Clever Kaiju. Nov 13-14, 2021. Wichita, KS


-First Son and Sword. Ongoing sword and sorcery series. Web comic first launch Nov 2022.

-We are Inside a Worm. One-shot science fiction comic book. Aug 2022.

-Link Invalid. One-shot science fiction comic book. April 2022.

-The Musical Mishaps of Cat and Fiddle: Fairy Folk Revival. Issue 1. Dec 2020.

-The Musical Mishaps of Cat and Fiddle: The King of Instruments. Six issue story. Oct 2018 - Oct. 2019

-A Passage in Black horror anthology. Contributed art for the story “Piasa Dreams”. Script by JimmyZ Johnston. Lettering by Micah Myers. Story by Cullen Bunn. July 2019

-Seven Dwarfs and Some Odd Tales vol. 1. Original graphic novel. Aug. 2018.

-The Culling of Tin Woodsman; Hey Diddle, Diddle; Fig Mother; The Call of the Bunyip mini comics. For the web, never printed. Feb 2017-Dec 2017.

-The Boy and the Dragon. One-shot comic with Kickstarter campaign. June 2016.

-The Gray Judge. Five issue mini-series. Aug 2015 - Dec 2016.

Ike Comics

Isaac "Ike" Crawford