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Available now in print and ebook.

Indie comic book creator Ike Crawford is making his mark on the sword and sorcery genre with this ambitious and compelling new series. Available now as a webcomic and in print and ebook.

Crocodile City

"Being the practice of my art and encouraging others to do the same."

Isaac "Ike" Crawford is an indie comic book creator committed to making the best comic books that he can, on a consistent schedule, and sharing them directly with his audience.

As he develops his daily practice and creates his comic books, he records and shares his process and ideas to help the community and art form along.

2023-03-12 19_57_38-GX010303_edited.jpg
2023-03-22 19_27_28-GX010584_edited.jpg
The complete collection

You  can read the webcomic versions for free or buy a book in our store.

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