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Comic books

Link Invalid

Experiences are bought, sold, and shared world-wide in this weird, near-future science fiction story. Dominic is a 1990's-style taxi driver for nostalgic customers when a head-on collision results in his death and, then, spontaneous recovery. Despite offers and attempts to upload his experience, he resists, and perhaps the experience itself resists. Questions and interpretations abound in this self-contained story of 23 interior pages. Released 2022.


The Musical Mishaps of Cat and Fiddle

Catherine “Cat” Bogart, is a blind, frustrated, aspiring violinist, scraping by with her disabled father in London when her world gets turned upside down. Cat must leave behind her dreams and her humanity to become a fairy-cat with a magical, living fiddle, to navigate a world of musical monsters, fairy creatures, and secret societies. The first six-issue story arc is complete, the first issue of the second story-arc, and a short collection of fairy-folk tales that expands the universe (available in digital only). Released 2018-ongoing.


Seven Dwarfs

Seven battle-hardened dwarfs take in a strange abandoned girl named Snow, who turns out to be a witch, getting them into trouble with fantastical wild beasts around their once quiet mountain home. Five short stories follow the titular tale and playfully nod to other nursery rhymes and folktales, such as Black Sheep, Wee Willie Winkie, Little Miss Muffet, and Red Riding Hood. The source material gets taken into completely new territory with dark humor and distinctive storytelling. Released 2018.


The Boy and the Dragon

Born from a bedtime story Ike would tell his son, a lonely boy develops an innocent friendship with a dragon, who is ripped away from him by an enraged mob. In old age, he sets out to reclaim his friendship and, ultimately, his freedom and happiness. An easy-to-read and memorable tale for fans of folktales and bedtime stories everywhere. Released with Kickstarter backing in 2016.


The Gray Judge

Kevin Hudson is a hunter and tracker who, having lost everything, travels about selling his skills to the highest bidder. When a young girl from a small town in Idaho is killed by wolves, Kevin is hired to put down the entire pack. After he reluctantly agrees to let an animal rights activist named Susan Renner join him on the hunt, he finds himself deep in the Rocky Mountain wilderness, entrapped by the relatives of the young girl and defenseless against the pack of wolves. Protecting Susan and doing what it takes to survive tests his skill, his will, and his humanity. Released 2017.


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Bravo at Fhloston Paradise

A sequential-art interpretation of a famous scene from The Fifth Element movie. Done on 11"x17" bristol board with pencil, ink pen/brush, copic markers and colored pencils. The execution was a performance in itself as there was no thumbnailing or sketching ahead of time. To-scale recreations (prints) of the original thirteen pages are available in our store. 2021.


"Eaten: A Love Story" Art

Ike's art based on the prompt "Eaten: A Love Story" was completed for The Pen Clique, season 2, episode 1 (a live, online art show, syndicated on the Clever Kaiju YouTube channel). Ike's idea was to have the entire Earth eaten by a giant worm as the backdrop to this love story, and to illustrate this with a faux comic book cover design. Done on 11"x17" bristol board with pen/brush inks and painted digitally. 2021.



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Ike is a founding member of Clever Kaiju, a community and production team of visual artists that collaborate, educate, and inspire. We host The Pen Clique, a monthly virtual art show, and the Clever Kaiju Discord community.

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