Ike is telling stories and creating worlds in the comic book medium.


Original art by Ike.

Isaac “Ike” Crawford

Since 2015, Ike has been committed to making comics and art. The process of creation has can be uncomfortable at times, but he’s always moving up to new levels. His work reflects that growth, but he still loves his early work, like The Boy and the Dragon, a one-shot comic brought to Kickstarter in 2016.


I will be at Air Capitol Comic Con: Nov 13-14, 2021 Wichita, KS, with the first printed edition of The Musical Mishaps of Cat and Fiddle: Fairy Folk Revival issue one, and new prints: The Predator vs. The Troop and something else big that's yet to be announced! These new items are also new to the shop so check them out. This is also my first appearance tabling with my friends at Clever Kaiju, who all have some new stuff to share as well.

Contact us at ike@ikecomics.com