“Ike” Isaac Crawford was born in 1985 in Oregon, but his family quickly moved to Springfield, MO, where he continues to live and raise his two children. He was a pastor’s child, obsessed with drawing and playing music. He earned a Bachelor’s in Electronic Arts and what he learned around film and animation has become very useful in his art and storytelling. He went on to pursue a Master’s degree and become a counselor. He loves doing therapy and finds it enriches his creativity. He began seriously creating comics in 2015 and has almost exclusively worked on his own creations, where he writes, illustrates, colors, and letters the books.



-The Musical Mishaps of Cat and Fiddle: Fairy Folk Revival Issue 1. Dec 2020.

-The Musical Mishaps of Cat and Fiddle: The King of Instruments. Oct 2018 - Oct. 2019

-A Passage in Black horror anthology. Contributed art for the story “Piasa Dreams”, script by JimmyZ Johnston, lettering by Micah Myers, story by Cullen Bunn. July 2019

-Seven Dwarfs and Some Odd Tales vol. 1, original graphic novel. Aug. 2018.

-The Culling of Tin Woodsman; Hey Diddle, Diddle; Fig Mother; The Call of the Bunyip mini comics, for the web. Feb 2017-Dec 2017.

-The Boy and the Dragon one-shot comic via Kickstarter. June 2016.

-The Gray Judge issues 1-5 of a five issue series. Aug 2015 - Dec 2016.